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Alexander's Heirs! Sample chapters available:


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Map:  The former empire of Alexander, a century after his death.  (Wikipedia).


Alexanders Arvtagare (Alexander's Heirs) is one of the first popular history books about the time after the death of Alexander the Great in the Middle East and even India. It tells the fabulous story of the Hellenistic kingdoms and their rich cultural heritage. The book tells the story from the perspective of the Seleucid Empire, which extended from the Aegean Sea to Afghanistan, and was even powerful enough to challenge the Romans. The book is also about Ptolemaic Egypt, the leading centre of culture and science, and the fascinating lost Hellenistic civilisation in Bactria and even India. Many well-known characters appear: Pyrrhus, Hannibal, the Scipios, the Maccabean brothers, Pompey, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. .


The English translation of the book is now finished and I will start looking for a publisher shortly.



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Jens Jakobsson 

has Masters exams in Molecular Biology and Teaching, and works as a teacher in Sweden, but ancient history has always been his great passion. His research on the Indo-Greeks has been published in major history journals. Please contact him at jens[dot]jakobsson[mailsign]spray[dot]se

Above:  The famous Cleopatra (VII) and her son by Julius Caesar, pose as in traditonal Pharaonic garb. Though they were Macedonians rather than demotic Egyptians, the Ptolemies, Cleopatra's dynasty went to great lengths to appear as legitimate heirs of the classic Egyptian rulers. Photo Galen R Fysinger.